Clear Aligners and Orthodontics Apple Valley MN

Do you want to straighten your teeth with Clear Aligners and Orthodontics? ClearCorrect can do just that!

What Is ClearCorrect?
ClearCorrect is a type of clear dental aligner. As an orthodontic treatment, dental aligners are custom dental trays fitted to your teeth that slowly adjust misaligned teeth over time and are an excellent alternative to more traditional braces. Our Apple Valley Dentists create these custom aligners using digital imaging, which calculates the exact movements your teeth will need to make to give you a straight, new smile. ClearCorrect aligners come in a set of aligners that are regularly switched for the next in the set every few weeks as your teeth move into the correct positions.

These custom oral appliances are removable, and because they are made of a clear material, they are easy to use during your day-to-day activities. Simply remove them when brushing and flossing, and wear them in bed when you sleep.

If you think clear aligners might be right for you, call Cheers Dental at 952-432-8696 to learn more about ClearCorrect in Apple Valley, Minnesota, and schedule a consultation with our dentist. We are committed to helping you enhance and realign your teeth as we strive to help you have a healthy, happy smile.


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