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The unexpected can happen whether you are participating in an athletic activity or walking around your home. When it does, our same-day emergency dental care Apple Valley, Minnesota, is available to help you restore the health of your smile.

What Is a Dental Emergency?
A dental emergency is an urgent circumstance that requires immediate care from a dental professional.

Examples of dental emergencies include:
• Loose or knocked-out teeth
• A cracked or broken tooth
• Cut soft tissue, such as damage to the gums, lips, tongue or inner cheeks
• Toothaches and severe discomfort
• The loss of a dental restoration

If you have experienced any of the dental emergencies listed, we ask that you call our dental office immediately to schedule an appointment with our dentist. We will give you a list of directions to follow to help reduce discomfort and maintain the health of your mouth until your appointment. If you have experienced damage to your head, neck or shoulders, we strongly recommend that you visit your primary physician or the emergency room for additional care.

For patients without insurance, our office offers a Membership Plan to help keep your dental treatments affordable.

Contact our office at 952-432-8696 today and schedule an appointment with Cheers Dental to get the help you need.


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