Teeth Whitening Apple Valley MN

Are you preparing for a special occasion and want to look your best? Teeth Whitening Apple Valley may be the perfect solution for a fabulous smile.

What Is Teeth Whitening?
As a cosmetic dental treatment, teeth whitening is used to whiten or bleach your teeth to a crisp white color. Simple and safe, this treatment uses a specialized whitening gel to remove or lighten stains and discolorations from the surface enamel of your teeth. Typically offered for adults, teeth whitening can be used for teens as well. Cheers Dental creates an individualized treatment plan with teeth whitening trays that sit in place over your teeth during the whitening process, which can take as little as ten minutes or longer, depending on your tolerance levels.

Teeth whitening can be used to correct yellowed teeth caused by:
• Aging
• Bad dental hygiene habits
• Consumption of certain drinks and foods, including tea, wine, coffee and soda
• Smoking
• Chewing tobacco
• Illness
• Medications

If you are interested in this treatment, brighten and renew your teeth with teeth whitening in Apple Valley, Minnesota, by calling Cheers Dental at 952-432-8696 today. Schedule an appointment with our dentist to learn more about this cosmetic treatment and see how we can help you rejuvenate your wonderful smile.


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