Tooth Colored Dental Fillings Apple Valley MN

Our Apple valley dentists may recommend a dental fillings if your teeth have sustained minor damage, such as that caused by cavities or cracking, to help restore your smile.

What Is a Dental Filling?
A dental filling is one of the most common dental restorations used in dentistry. It is made from a resin material that is used to fill cavities created by dental decay. This filling helps restore the structural integrity of the tooth and prevents bacteria and food debris from causing more damage to the enamel of the tooth. Usually, a dental filling only takes one dental visit with our dentist to complete and is a simple, nonintrusive procedure.

We have chosen to use a tooth-colored filling material at our office for a variety of reasons; one important reason is that it produces a more natural-looking result for your smile.

Other benefits of tooth-colored fillings include:
• Reduced risk of the treated tooth breaking or fracturing in the future
• Little or no sensitivity to temperature changes following treatment
• No need for mercury or other metals in the repair
• The ability to correct cavities that are too small for traditional amalgam fillings

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